Tree fungus is common and can occur on the bark, leaves and other parts of the trees during any time of the year. They will start infesting in relatively harmless forms of mushrooms and turn to a deadlier version later. It is practically impossible to cure a tree of fungus completely. However, with proper tree care services, you can reduce the extent of damage.

How Funguses Affect the Trees?

Irrespective of the type of tree texture and nature of the tree, the fungus will grow and keep on causing harm to the same. Fungal diseases are fatal for the trees. They quickly break the tree’s structural integrity, and hence, the tree falls apart within a short period.

Hire tree surgeons to help you out of the situation. It is a positive thing that tree funguses do not affect humans’ health. Hence, for the tree surgeons, it is safe to touch and treat the same. The fungus will affect the photosynthesis process of the tree as well. Hence, before the tree starts falling apart, hire a surgeon and fix it.

How do Trees Develop Fungus?

Fungal spores are generally present around the trees. Hence, there’s nothing you can do to prevent the fungal infestation. The fungal spores which rest on different parts of the trees are generally carried to the tree through these sources:

Breezes or winds end up transforming the fungal pores into different parts of the trees
Hard rains on the parts of the trees also transport the pores to different parts of the leaves of the trees.

Using contaminated gardening tools for the trees also makes them vulnerable to the fungal pores.

What are the Common Signs of Fungal Diseases in a Tree?

You will notice these issues in your trees if continuous fungal growth occurs.

  • Abnormal growth in different parts of the tree
  • Discolouration of the leaves, barks and portions of the branches
  • Frequent falling of leaves and tilting of the branches
  • Roting of the roots of the trees
  • Unusual sogginess in different parts of the tree
  • Dying off of the tree in the growing season

How to Handle Fungal Infestation?

Once you find these signs in your tree, immediately approach a tree surgeon. They will inspect the whole condition of the tree and suggest pruning the affected parts and using antifungal treatments.

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