Homeowners are generally curious about the process and need of tree stump grinding. There are a lot of questions generally lingering in the minds of curious homeowners. What is a tree stump? Should it be left unattended? Why should you opt for tree stump grinding? Hiring a tree surgeon will help you get answers to these questions.

If you’re concerned about the unattended tree stump in your garden, here are a few essential facts about tree stump grinding that can help you make further decisions.

Five Essential Facts about Tree Stump Grindings

Fact 1: Tree Stump Grinding is Essential

Most aesthetics and safety are the reasons behind tree stump grinding and removal. If you leave the stump lying around in the middle of the garden, it will look visually unattractive and lead to termites and ant infestation. Moreover, a tree stump can cause children to trip and fall, and they can get hurt as well.

Fact 2: Depth of Tree Stump Grinding

Deep grinding is generally not suggested for tree stumps. Tree surgeons prefer grinding around 6 to 8 inches below the ground level. This helps to leave an ample amount of soil so that grass can grow in the area. There’s generally no benefit of getting deep grinding done.

Fact 3: Entire Tree Stump Removal

Many people need clarification on whether they should get the entire tree stump removed or not. Depending on the tree’s size, thickness, type and location, the decision is generally taken by the tree surgeon. You can easily grind clear through the whole stump. Removing the entire tree stump is a feasible decision.

Fact 4: Price of Stump Grinding

A tree surgeon generally measures the widest portion of the tree stump. They take measurements of the width and decide the stump grinding price accordingly. Moreover, the price is also decided depending on the time required to get rid of the stump.

Fact 5: Effect of Tree Stump Grinding on Landscape

When professional tree surgeons do stump grinding, no harm is done to the garden’s landscape. Tree surgeons have machines to even out the grasses on the lawns after the grinding process is completed so that the location looks good.

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