You can maintain the health and visual appeal of the trees in your garden by hiring a tree surgeon for professional tree trimming and pruning. Try a DIY only if you have prior experience trimming and pruning trees and the necessary tools. You can differentiate the facts from the myths by enhancing your knowledge about the services offered by tree surgeons in Poole. Both trimming and pruning are common services provided by them.

While trimming is required for shrubs and hedges, trees and shrubs require pruning. Learn how to differentiate between these two services, and you can make the most out of them. There are numerous tree surgeons scattered all over your city; look for someone experienced as they can help you debunk the common myths surrounding trimming and pruning.

Tree Surgeons In Poole Debunked The Common Myths About Tree Trimming

  • “You Should Not Trim Trees In Summer.”

It is a very old superstition which people should debunk as soon as possible. The fact is just the opposite. Trimming the trees in summer will help them grow healthy as you remove the dying and dead branches. The limbs will become healthier as they get more nutrients after removing the necessary branches. Summer is also treated to be the best time to control the growth of suckers and water sprouts as they grow vigorously during this season.

  • “Pruning Wastes Your Time And Money.”

It is a very common myth as pruning helps maintain the proper shape of your trees. Unless you remove the over-vigorous branch growth and water sprouts at the right time, it can become challenging to encourage a healthy form and structure of your trees. Pruning is necessary to guide the growth of your trees.

  • “Tree Topping Is Very Effective.”

Some people think they can opt for tree topping instead of trimming and pruning. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Experienced tree surgeons know that tree topping is much more harmful than tree owners think. It can weaken the tree’s structure, leading to wounds and making them susceptible to fungus, pests, decay and diseases. They also become vulnerable to sun damage, making the tree unhealthy and unattractive.

This being said, it’s time you get in touch with experienced tree surgeons at Arbor Vitae Tree Care.