A tree needs proper care, maintenance and nurturing to thrive properly. It is difficult for a non-specialist without prior knowledge to care for the tree’s health. Thus, there are many reasons why you might need the services of a tree surgeon. Perhaps your tree is diseased and needs to be treated, or you need it to be trimmed or pruned for safety reasons. There are also several other reasons why you might need the help of a tree surgeon.

To know more about the tree services in Poole that you can avail yourself of from the tree surgeons, read on.

Seven Necessary Tree Services you can get from Tree Surgeons


Pruning and trimming trees is an important part of keeping them healthy and looking their best. A tree surgeon can prune and trim your trees for you, ensuring they look neat. Pruning is the most common service provided by tree surgeons. It includes trimming back branches to improve the shape and health of the tree. Having a qualified professional perform pruning is important, as it can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

Treat a Diseased Tree.

A diseased tree can be dangerous and must be treated by a professional. Tree surgeons have the training and experience necessary to treat diseased trees safely and effectively. If a tree is dead, dying, or poses a danger to your property, it may need to be removed. A tree surgeon will be able to remove the tree for you safely.

Remove Stump and Felling.

If you have a stump in your yard that you want to get rid of, a tree surgeon can help. They will use specialised equipment to remove the stump quickly and efficiently. Felling is the process of cutting down a tree. A qualified professional should only do this, as it can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

Advise on Trees

If you’re unsure what type of trees would be best for your property or if you need help caring for your trees, a tree surgeon can provide advice and assistance.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing help to support weak or unstable branches, which can help to prevent them from breaking off in high winds or storms. This service is often used on trees prone to being blown over in bad weather.


Grinding is the process of grinding down a fallen tree’s stump so it can no longer be seen or felt. This is often done to trees that have been removed from a property.


Mulching is spreading mulch around a tree to protect its roots and help keep the soil moist. Mulch can also help to discourage weed growth around the tree.

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