Logs for sale in Bournemouth AND SURROUNDING LOCAL AREAS

Here at Arbor Vitae Tree Care, we sell and locally deliver logs including split, firewood logs and seasoned wood to domestic and commercial customers in and around the Bournemouth and Poole area


Due to the set up and maintenance costs of the government’s new ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme we can no longer sell split logs in quantities of less than 2 cubic metres and must also provide our customers with an information sheet with the following advice

Copy of Government advice:

If you sell wood in volumes of 2 cubic metres or more in England you must provide customers with this notice:

“This wood is not suitable for burning until it has been dried. You should not burn wood until it has a moisture content of 20% or less.

“Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt. As well as being harmful to your health and the environment, this can damage your stove and chimney and is an inefficient way to heat your home. Dry it in a sunny, well-aired space for at least two years, keeping rain off in the winter.

“Radial cracks and bark that comes off easily suggests wood that is ready for burning. Test the wood when you think it is ready for burning, ideally with a moisture meter. First calibrate the meter and then measure a freshly split surface to get the best reading.”


Logs are ideal for open fires and wood-burning stoves but also suitable for outdoor pizza ovens, chimeneas, fire-pits etc

Deliveries at any time of the year

If you’re located within a 10-mile radius of Bournemouth, we provide free delivery for our seasoned and split firewood log orders

We also offer deliveries at any time of the year for firewood supplies

Standard split logs vary in size from approximately 6-10″ in length

If you have smaller stove size requirements, we can cut logs to order for an additional £10 per bulk bag

For your peace of mind, our wood is kept dry and allowed to naturally season under cover

Wheel barrow & stacking service available at the additional cost of £50 per delivery of 2 bulk bags

Contact us today for further information

We supply:


Mature woodchips:

Full high sided Transit load – £50

Large 0.9 cubic metre bulk bags of split logs

Seasoned soft wood:

£140 for two bags

Seasoned mixed (hard/soft)wood:

£160 for two bags

Seasoned hard wood:

£180 for two bags

Above prices are inclusive of 5% VAT



For a wide supply of firewood and log supplies, call Arbor Vitae Tree Care today on

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