Maintaining the health of the trees is very important for their durability and the overall health of the surroundings. However, the trees, like the living organisms, are also susceptible to various health issues. In this blog, you will read some of the most common tree health issues like pest attacks, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. It also provides tips on finding out the signs as early as possible.

A skilled tree surgeon in Dorset will help you discover the issues and take the right actions before they affect the growth of other healthy trees.

Locating the Pests- Silent Threat to Health

Pests can cause lots of damage to the trees and also weaken the overall health of them. Some of the common pests associated with trees are-

  • Aphids- They are small insects that suck the sap of trees. They cause deformities and yellowing of the trunk.
  • Psychidae- These caterpillars make protective bags on tree branches, eating up the foliage and causing total defoliation.
  • Gipsy Moths- They are voracious eaters, and they defoliate the whole tree, mainly the oak and other deciduous varieties, and cause lots of stress to the trees.

To find these infestations, you need to check the stunted growth of the tree, whether the tree has wilting or yellowing leaves, holes in the trunk, and the presence of cocoon eggs. Regularly checking the trees and getting help from a professional is very important to get early detection signs and find the right treatment.

Tree Diseases

Many pathogens like fungi, viruses and bacteria cause tree diseases. Some of the common types of diseases that affect the trees are-

  • Dutch Elm disease is a vascular wilting disease caused by fungal infection leading to leaves wilting and death.
  • Apple Scab- it is caused by fungus. It results in black and scaly lesions on the surface of leaves, twigs and fruits. You need to monitor discoloured leaves, barks, lesions, or any other signs of cankers. Timely identification and treatment are very important to maintain the health of the trees.

Apart from this, the trees also suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Low concentrations of nutrients in leaves can weaken the trees and make them more prone to pest infestation. For example, nitrogen can cause the yellowing of leaves and overall poor vigour, potassium can cause the yellowing of edges and foliage, phosphorus can cause the reddishness of leaves, and iron causes the yellowing of leaves.

As a responsible tree owner, it is very important to be proactive to maintain the health of trees. Consult the Arbor Vitae Tree Care team if you want to care for your tree. The team has experience in tree maintenance, pruning and trimming. Consult us to know more about our services.