Removal of tree stumps is a rather complex process. It takes time, effort and money to get rid of tree stumps. What happens if the tree stump grows back? It’s almost like spending loads on manicuring the lawn and ending up with an overgrown sprouted tree stump. Sometimes the stumps tend to be stubborn. They don’t stop growing. Under such circumstances, what should you do? Continuous spouting of the tree stumps can be a cause of irritation. Sometimes even after removing the tree, the stump might continue to live with the roots inside. Thus tree stump removal is only one of the solutions.

Here’s how you can get rid of continuously sprouting tree stumps.

Five Ways to Get Rid of Continuous Tree Stump Sproutings

Use Herbicides

Use herbicides and kill the tree stumps. Before making a purchase, carefully study the label, as various stump killers are on the market. You must follow the instructions when applying the herbicide on the stump and wait for it to work. You’ll have to be calm because this could require numerous applications over a few weeks.

Burn off the Stumps

You’ll need to use a power drill to drill holes in this process. Make holes into the stump’s surface, sides, and roots. Apply petrol or another flammable liquid into the holes. Ignite a match to begin burning the stump. However, this is a risky technique. So make sure to take all essential safety measures.

Hire Professionals

This is the best approach. Hiring tree surgeons is effective as they have the equipment and knowledge to remove tree stumps rapidly. They use a tree stump grinder to remove tree stumps. This process is quick, efficient and mess-free.

Use Rapid Decay Fertiliser

This is an organic technique to remove a tree stump. With fertiliser, quick degradation of the stump is possible. The fertilisers promote fungal development, which hastens the breakdown process. This method benefits the environment, although it typically takes many months to degrade completely.

Apply Chemical Killer

You can make holes in the stump and use a stump killer for quick results. Since it will facilitate the poison’s rapid dissemination, this strategy, combined with the herbicide procedure, is highly effective. When employing this technique, use gloves and a mask because the chemicals can be dangerous if they touch your skin or are inhaled.

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