A damaged or dead tree is a visual distraction and a potential cause of an accident. To get rid of the tree from your garden, you have no other way but to remove it. However, even after removing the dead part of the tree, you may be left with an awkward-looking tree stump in the middle of your property.

Ensure a Safe Stump Grinding Experience:

Stump grinding is a vital job to ensure safe access to the garden. You must call a professional stump grinding team to ensure complete stump removal assistance. They possess the right sets of equipment that promote a safe and quick tree stump grinding experience.

Few Important Factors for Stump Grinding:

As stump grinding is a labour-intensive process, the professionals take note of a few important things. They generally perform this inspection before beginning with the stump removal process. We discuss more about this in the following part of this blog.

  • Tree Species: The tree species denotes the time the professional may need to remove the stump. If you need to remove a hardwood tree, you can remain assured of a quick completion. These trees produce clean chips, ensuring a smooth grinding process. Cleaning the stumps of conifer trees like pine and fir is the most challenging. These have softer woods, which produce shreds rather than chipping.
  • Depth of the Grind: It is an important requirement which helps grinders choose a specific type of grinding equipment. The experts take a look at the depth and the diameter of the stump that needs to be removed. For grinding requirements below deep grade, the professionals use tracked stump grinders. On the other hand, they use traditional handlebar stump grinders for tree stumps with a smaller diameter.
  • Age, Density and Size of Stump: Like tree cutting, stump grinding requirements vary between trees. The trees cut recently are more challenging to grind. The density of the stump is another factor that can determine the difficulty of grinding the tree stump. Trees with denser stumps are much easier to handle for professionals. Smaller stump grinders can easily handle the difficulty of removing a large tree stump. However, you also have to consider the time that will be taken to slowly grind it away.

These are a few factors that professional grinders note before beginning a stump grinding job. Depending on these things, they have to select the stump grinding machinery and other things. To complete the stump grinding process smoothly, you must contact a reliable tree stump grinding service. Contact Arbor Vitae Tree Care, who are one of the well-known names in this field. Our team consists of experts who can provide you with top-grade service. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.