Firewood Logs

Seasoned & split firewood log supplies for the Bournemouth area

Firewood logs delivered to...

...Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne and Christchurch areas.

Free delivery within a 10 mile radius - Bournemouth based.

Firewood orders and deliveries at any time of the year.

Bulk log bags contain hard and soft wood logs for easier burning - 2/3 hard wood with 1/3 soft wood.

Bulk log bags containing only hard wood can be delivered for a slightly higher cost.

Logs for smaller fire baskets & smaller log-burners can be cut to any required size.

Bulk log bags - £65 each (1.00 m³) (Hardwood - £75 each).

For a limited time - order 2 bulk log bags for £120 (Hardwood - £140).

Small net log bags delivered (minimum order - 5 bags).

Small net log bags - £6 each.

Cash, cheque or invoice.

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