About Us

About Arbor Vitae Tree Care

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Although we are a relatively small company...

...we can be proud of our friendly, professional staff and our high levels of working experience.

With commitment to both our work ethic and our pricing, I am confident of keeping our presence appreciated among our ever growing customer base.

I personally have worked as a tree surgeon in the tree care industry for 32 years, caring for trees and hedges throughout our local area.

In the past I have also benefited from carrying out tree surgery work in both Germany and Austria, countries where a great regard is held for their trees.

We strive to work to very high standards, leaving our customers with results that they can appreciate and admire until our services are needed again.

Tree Preservation

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Wherever you are living, we will check your tree status with the relevant Local Authority planning office.

This is to be certain of any restrictions and/or permissions necessary before any works are carried out. This is important due to our conservation areas, woodland orders and tree preservation orders.

We will offer our advice as to what type of work we feel would be beneficial to both your trees and yourselves before any application is made.

If you wish for us to act as your agent, we will be happy to engage in all enquiries, communications and applications necessary on your behalf, please contact us to discuss your requirements.